Discover How Text Marketing Campaigns Appeal to Gen Z

When it comes to using marketing channels to reach new customers, most brands will focus on tried-and-true methods like search engine optimization and email messages. However, as the younger generations have been essentially raised by technology, some of these antiquated marketing tactics are no longer working.

For example, instead of emails, Gen Z consumers prefer to receive text messages from companies. This text-first approach is changing the game, and many brands are starting to take notice. So, whip out those smartphones and look at how companies are using text marketing and conversational messaging to reach the younger crowd.

What Is a Text Marketing Campaign?

Texting has become a mainstay of modern communication methods. Many people, especially those under 30, prefer to text rather than talk over the phone — so it makes sense that companies would utilize this channel for marketing outreach.

A text marketing campaign is simply a marketing strategy that relays information and advertising via text messages instead of other channels like email or social media. Best of all, platforms like Mitto make it easy to develop and execute new campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Text campaigns can be ongoing or based on a specific product launch or event. Either way, the primary goal of this type of marketing is to engage with customers and get them to click links and buy products.

Why Does Gen Z Prefer SMS?

Younger generations, like millennials and Gen Z, typically respond faster to texts and prefer to receive them over other communication methods, such as emails or phone calls. Even when it comes to marketing, Gen Z is faster at responding to a promotional text, with 44% of consumers in this age range checking their notifications within a minute of receiving them.

While there are many factors driving this preference, the likely reason is that younger people tend to be attached to their smartphones. If they’re using the device regularly anyway, it makes sense to utilize that attachment for marketing purposes. Older generations aren’t as reliant on smartphones, so they’re easier to reach through traditional methods.

Pros and Cons of SMS Campaigns for Gen Z Consumers

Many brands are learning the value of text messaging as a marketing tactic, but the method does have some limitations and drawbacks. Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of using omnichannel messaging.

A big pro is faster response time. If the average Gen Z consumer looks at a notification within a minute, they’re far more likely to click a link or take a specific action too. According to a recent study by Yotpo, the most valuable texts are discount codes, early access to new products, or order notifications. No matter the message, younger consumers will open and respond much faster than older individuals.

On the other hand, no one is going to read a 100-word text, so you have to be as short and sweet as possible. It can be challenging to distill an entire marketing message into a single text, but it’s necessary to get the right responses. Typically, the best SMS campaigns are those that stay focused on small, achievable goals instead of complex messaging.

Another plus is cost-effectiveness. Brands looking to save money while reaching out to new customers will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a text campaign can be. Best of all, one person can send messages to hundreds of subscribers instantly and respond to those messages as they come in. So, not only is it cheap to send marketing materials, but it’s cost-effective to manage SMS interactions too.

Still, some consumers are concerned with invasions of privacy. Since users have to opt into a text campaign, it can be harder for brands to break through and reach new customers. Also, users can opt out at any time for any reason. That’s why it’s crucial to use conversational messaging and captivating sales pitches to ensure each campaign gets the best traction possible.

How Mitto Can Help With Omnichannel Messaging

Communication is essential for any type of marketing, text-based or otherwise. Mitto is a one-stop shop for a wide array of communication methods, including SMS, social media direct messages, voice messages, and more. Plus, because Mitto offers integrated solutions, you can manage your channels and messages in one dashboard.

The software is super easy to use, and you can get customized assistance whenever you need it. Mitto makes it easy to reach Gen Z and other demographics in their preferred medium. Discover the value of omnichannel conversational messaging today.