Keeping Yourself Safe Playing Poker Online

It might seem as though poker has remained the same over the decades since it came to prominence around the world, but technology has brought about many innovations to the game. Artificial Intelligence has given players the path to the statistically perfect game, as reported by the New York Times, but it is not the biggest change to poker that has come about in the last several years.

Online poker has given players the ability to play the game anywhere in the world against players from every country and background. An increasing number of people are playing the game from their home PC. With lockdowns recently keeping people at home more than ever before, the online poker industry has seen growth it hasn’t experienced since the previous boom in the early 00s.

However, the pandemic isn’t the only reason the game has grown in recent years. Thanks to online poker there is always a game available, allowing players to play when it suits them rather than when the casinos are open or there is a free seat at a table. Playing online also allows players to test themselves against people of different skills and strategies, which is an underrated aspect of the game. Among the strategies for being a top poker player on, there is a suggestion to network with other players. Even the very best do this not only in person but in the chat rooms of online providers. Indeed, some huge winners play almost exclusively online and do so with great success.

People often play better when they are most comfortable and playing online allows everyone to be in their preferred space. They can decorate the room how they like, keep the lights at a level they prefer, and even invest in the perfect chair for their body type. People’s online habits have changed over the past few years, but that also means that many have invested in their home office and gaming set-ups to be exactly to their liking.

With people spending more time online comes a downside, however, and that has been a rise in online fraud over the past few years, according to Though most online poker sites have protections in place to help keep their players safe, there are still plenty of actions people can take to keep themselves from falling victim to schemes or frauds.

Keep Your Winnings Separate from Your Deposits

Most online poker sites will allocate two different wallets for players. The first is for players to deposit money from their personal bank account while the second is where player winnings are deposited. This might seem excessive, but the separation is important to protect players from potential security breaches. Before signing up with an online poker provider, check how your money is stored on their system to make sure your money is as safe as possible.

Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network is essential for anyone who regularly makes online transactions. They protect you from potential security breaches at the site, allowing you to hide your physical location and keeping your data secure from hackers between yourself and the online poker site. It keeps both your financial details secure and your identity a secret. VPNs help block man-in-the-middle attacks and most of the common hacks that target poker players.

Keep an Eye on Other Players

Occasionally, players will team up to help both of them win hands, allowing them to game the system and increase their odds of walking away with the pot. This can happen when two players are in the same room and are sharing their hands with each other. If you spot two players that never seem to be competing with each other, it can be a sign that they are colluding with one another. Be sure to check the site rules ahead of time and check their policies around cheating as well as how to report suspected cheaters. Knowing the signs of cheating can help you keep yourself and your wallet safe.

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