Things You Need To Know About E-Signature Software

If you are a busy business owner, one of the few things that can help you be more productive is e-signature software. E-signature or eSign software allows you to sign documents electronically and securely using your computer or mobile device. It saves time and paper, eliminates the need for faxing or scanning hard copies of contracts, and it can be accessed anywhere on any device with internet access. Here are some important points about e-signature software.

What is e-signature software?

eSign software is a program that lets you electronically sign and complete contracts, agreements, and other documents. The software usually includes an electronic signature field where you can place your digital signature using your computer or mobile device.

Why should I use e-signature software?

eSign software is important for business because it eliminates the need to print documents to sign them. This saves paper, saves time, and saves ink. Another great reason why you should use e-signature software is that it reduces the risk of lost signatures. If someone has to fax or scan a document in order to get your signature, there is always a chance something could go wrong (like if they forget to send it). With e-signature software, once you input your signature, your signed document will be emailed back to you for review and approval.

How do I set up my e-signature software?

Setting up your eSign software is easy. You will need to provide your e-signature software with the information it needs to be able to access your electronic documents. This includes the following

  • The name of your company.
  • Your email address and the URL of the website that corresponds with your email address (this will let you sign documents from any device).
  • The type of signature you use for all documents (i.e., John Smith, CEO, John Smith Director)

When you first set up your e-signature, make sure you securely save these login details as a backup as well as print them out and put them in a safe place for emergencies. If anything should happen to your login details, you won’t be able to access any signed documents and might have to ask the other person to send a hard copy of the document instead.

What are the types of e-signatures?

There are three types of e-signatures: Pre-printed, integrated, and PDF. Pre-printed signatures can be scanned into a document in lieu of a handwritten signature. This is the least expensive option available for e-signatures.

Integrated signatures use digital ink technology to replicate a handwritten signature. They are often used in lieu of a pre-printed signature or when an original handwritten signature cannot be obtained, such as with a scanned document

PDF signatures are also used when an original handwritten signature cannot be obtained, such as with a scanned document. The PDF is then converted to a digital form by the user when they sign the document  online  or  electronically. These signatures do not contain any personal information so they are secure and private.


If you own or manage a business, you should consider using eSign software for your business. There are many benefits to using e-signature software for your business, including cost savings, security, and ease. You should consider using e-signature software for your business if you own or manage one. eSign software has many benefits, including cost savings, security, and ease. The first step is to know what e-signature software is, and the different types of benefits it has. Once you’ve learned about what e-signature software is, you can set up your account and start using it to make your life easier!