Application of blockchain technologies in 2022

First, let’s figure out what a blockchain is. Blockchain is a database that stores blocks with a set of characteristics (information about previous actions on the network, creation date, time).

Blockchain technology is widely discussed around the world. This technology is especially popular in logistics and e-commerce. Now we will analyze in detail how blockchain technology affects different industries.

What does blockchain technology affect?

Blockchain represents a whole new technological breakthrough of this century. Blockchain allows us to remain competitive. It’s safe to say that by using DLT, you can quickly improve your business efficiency by removing the middleman.

Healthcare and Privacy Data Protection

The secure storage of patient information is an important factor, which needed to speed up the healthcare and wellness industry. Giving only the doctors access to medical records with strong verification of the access is the task that functional programming can do. All of these records stored encrypted on blockchain platforms. They make it easier to research and maintain large medical records while ensuring the confidentiality of personal data.

Influence on the social sphere

Simultaneously with the use of blockchain technology, new and more efficient ways for people to interact are emerging.

According to a study published by Stanford Graduate School of Business, “20% of blockchain initiatives aimed at offer a unique solution that is impossible without blockchain, and 86% represent significant improvements to existing solutions.” “As you know, an essential element of fair trade is Provence – ensuring transparency in the supply chain. Failure to verify and trace past proof of an asset can be extremely harmful, as there is no way to establish authenticity. This can lead to significant financial losses and damage of consumer trust and confidence.


For many countries around the globe, tourism is a powerful source of economic development. However, travel brings a lot of money, it is also one of the least controlled industries, but now the blockchain allows you to guarantee all the convenience for tourists. Blockchain can create a unique travel experience, becoming independent of external centralized sources that can manage information. With the help of blockchain technology, tourists will be able to track luggage securely track payments. Also, with the help of blockchain payments, tourists will be able to find a place to live.

Authorship and ownership

Ascribe can allow creative people and ordinary artists to prove and preserve their copyrights thanks to Blockchain technology, at a time when the market allows the invention of digital digests with support for the latest identifiers and digital certificates to confirm authenticity and authorship. In addition to this, the mechanism of transfer of ownership from the artist or author to the client or collector and its legal details is also being adjusted.

How is blockchain used in insurance?

While blockchain technology hasn’t gone mainstream yet, it’s undoubtedly already caused a stir. Using distributed public or private ledgers, you can provide access to the data only to the verified users while keeping all the information correct and safer. Let’s look at how blockchain technology is changing the insurance industry.

Let’s say Bill contacted an insurance company to get the payment for the car accident. All the documents are provided inspected, but the insurance company set 2 month period to proceed with the payment. The reason they are overwhelmed with the work. Such a situation is impossible with the verification via the blockchain. Just as all the documents are provided and approved, the payment is to be done automatically.

Encryption and Security

Blockchain technologies allow you to manage everything to prevent data changes.

No one can hack blockchain. It has a dispersed structure. The blockchain is encrypted and rechecked, so all data will be securely stored.

Fraud detection is one of the main problems faced by life insurance companies, namely fake and fraudulent claims. Blockchain makes it easier to verify the veracity of claims. Companies will allow you to study historical data identify past cases of fraud on the client’s part. And help with the elimination of such inconsistencies.

Many policyholders have a “trust deficit” regarding the claims settlement procedure. The proper application of blockchain technology ensures that relevant and irrelevant information reaches the insurance company as soon as possible. When data streams such as hospitals, police teams, and insurers are available through digital technology, the insurance company automatically informs the insurance company. It is reported that an accident has occurred. More Quick and simple Blockchain statements can make claims a lot easier.

Blockchain Perspectives

One of the advantages of distributed ledgers is that exchanging information leads to increased trust. Post-recording information cannot be deleted on an individual request. This ensures security. Increase the reliability of transactions between consumers. Insurance companies should fully understand all the benefits of blockchain technology. Only then will they be able to benefit from it. First, you should conduct an internal proof of concept and test the client’s processes before you begin a full-scale implementation. However, there is no denying that blockchain technologies will provide real-time availability. Consistency of accounting transparency of insurance procedures will prevent duplication of processes and reduce operating costs.

I believe that in the near future, we will move away from intermediaries in banking, and insurance, as we did with the introduction of Uber in the field of road carriers.